Renewable Energy

Are you aware that you can save heaps on your power bill by switching to solar energy? If you are looking for solar panels, then you should have a look at euro solar review site where you can find information about solar panels for low prices.

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Asian youth icon award

Councillor Tran SiuHave you ever felt that you were on the top of the world and the best thing in life has just

happened to you? Well, that was exactly the feeling of the nominee who received the award

for the best youth icon of the year. Receiving an award for your hard work is a big

achievement in itself. But when the award is Best Asian Youth Icon of the year, the

magnitude of excitement and happiness is just doubled in amount. Yesterday was a night

when, honour, courage, innovative thinking and above all service to the community was


The event was held in Melbourne Australia, where hundreds of families, friends and

supporters of the nominees for the awards were gathered to provide support for the stars

of their community. Coming to a country that does not speak your language, does not follow

your culture and traditions and yet achieving some significant recognition is a very big thing.

One such youth is Tran Siu, our local boy from Sunshine. A strong headed, self-empowered

personality who is dedicated to serving his community. It is no surprise, that he was

awarded the youth icon of the year award in 2002.

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Tiles are not all they are cracked out to be: What I found out about tiling this week

I was afraid of using concrete tiles as I thought they are designed to crack prematurely. If you have this same feeling, then this article is for you as I’m to share what I discovered about tilling this week! Tiles are meant to crack is a misconception as they are long lasting unless mishandled. Tiles have remained the most popular materials for roofing and flooring as well. In this article, we will concentrate on roofing as I have realized that it is easier to make a decision to lay tiles on the floor other than on the roof. Here is what I found out;

Benefits of concrete tiles roofing

Roofing with concrete tiles brings about the following benefits;


Roof-Tile-3149Concrete roof tiles lasts longer compared to other roofing materials. This is because they are resistant to harsh weather conditions, withstanding extreme winter and summer climates. They are approximated to last for about 20 years without showing any signs of cracking.

Aesthetic value

Roofing using concrete tiles adds aesthetic value to your home. This is because the tiles are designed in different patterns with range of colors. Some of the tiles are made of single color while others are designed with multiple colors. This provides a wide variety to choose from depending on the taste and general décor of the entire house and compound.

Great thermal regulation

Concrete tiles have recommendable thermal regulation. In this case, they bring about cooling effect in the house during extreme summer weather. This saves you from spending on a cooling system for use when the temperatures in the house are high. Unlike other roofing materials, thermal performance of these tiles can be enhanced by adding insulators.

Reduced noise

Living in crowded and noisy neighborhood? Concrete tiles are the ideal roofing materials for you as they allow less noise through them. This protects you from disturbances of traffic, airplane, train and loud noise from factories. This helps you to enjoy the comfort of your house.

Fire resistance

The concrete tiles are highly resistant to fire hence best for roofing of hotels and homes. This is because they reduce the spreading of fire, in case of a fire accident giving enough time for the rescuers to access your home. This prevents damages that would be huge when other roofing materials are used.

Grey water collection

The concrete tiles are derived from cement, graded sand and other fragments that are not toxic. This makes it safe to collect rain water falling from the roof for household use without posing any danger to health.

Cost effective maintenance

These tiles require less maintenance as they are durable. When a tile is broken, it does not affect the others hence it is replaced alone. This is economical as you do not have to spend on buying tiles to replace an entire section or entire roof.

Long warranty

When you buy concrete tiles for roofing, most manufacturers offer a warranty of between 20 to 50 years. This provides a sense of security.

Tips on concrete tiles installation

Tom-on-ridgeBy choosing to install the concrete tiles on the roof, you save a huge amount that you would have incurred through repairs and premature replacements of the roofing material.  You can save more by installing the tiles by yourself, as professional fee may be on the higher side. Here are some tips to guide you through the process.

Get the local roofing code right

Before embarking on the roofing process, it is advisable to consult the local building authority. This is because you need to find out whether there is a code for concrete tiling in your locale that need to be observed. This gives you an idea on how to go about applying the tiles on the roof.

Get the manufacturer’s instructions

The instructions provided by the manufacturer of the tiles should be free and accessible. Thus, go through them before starting the tiling process or consult the manufacturer in case of doubts on how to handle the tiles.

Consider the weather

When roofing, it is important to do it on a sunny day preferably during summer. This eliminates dangers of accidental falls caused by slippery roof due to wetness.

Place the tiles

In order to allow the flow of water, it is advisable to lay the tiles from outer part proceeding to the center if the roof is flat. However, for a concave roof, you can lay the tiles starting from the bottom moving towards the top. This ensures that the rain water gets a good flow to the gutters to avoid leaking.

 Apply roof cement

In order to fix the tiles securely, apply either adhesive or asphalt roof cement to the tiles around the center of the roof. The cement seals off the midline where the tiles intercept for leak prevention purposes. It is important to consult the tiles manufacturer for the ideal roofing cement to use on the concrete tiles.

V-shaped tiles

To avoid gaps along the meeting point between the tiles from back and those from the front, you need to install the v-shaped concrete tiles. Then, apply mortar to seal off any weakness that might lead to leaking.


How to care for concrete tiles on the roof

Though concrete tiles are durable, they are prone to cracking at some point. Here are some tips on handling tiles;

Regular maintenance

Before the onset of the next rainy season, it is advisable to carry out a do it yourself maintenance routine. This entails removing all the litter on the roof and gutters while checking for cracks or missing tiles. Replace the cracked and missing tiles to prevent leaking. Removal of the litter on the roof helps in eliminating obstacles that would lead to accumulation of water resulting to leaking.

Apply roofing cement Afresh

It is advisable to remove the old roofing cement on the visibly weak parts of the tiles after a period of time. Applying new roofing cement on the cement tiles after some years is essential in maintaining the roof intact for long.

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